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Available Classes

Please check with the Director to see which classes your child qualifies for


The Core Foundation of Dance

We believe Ballet is the core of all foundations for dance. As a required discipline, we offer progressive levels of Ballet for all students. As our students grow, they will master technique, skill and choreography.


Traditional. Upbeat. Technical.

Jazz is a continuation of the mastery of Ballet technique. Fun, upbeat, and artistic, Jazz classes offer many sub genres to study. Throughout their training, students will experience learning traditional jazz technique, jazz funk and beyond.

A proper Jazz foundation really helps build a well rounded dancer.

Hip Hop

Vibrant. Evolutionary.

Hip Hop classes are a great way for students to explore their own natural movement and rhythm. This is a popular dance form where students can exert their energy, while exploring popular music and styles of hip hop.

Musical Theatre

Broadway and Performance Inspired.

Musical Theatre is inspired by Broadway Musicals, both new age and classic. The foundation of this class is inspired by the many choreographers of these renowned shows with a Jazz base. This class is fun, upbeat and a great way to educate students about Broadway through dance.


Rhythm. Style. Sound.

Tap is a unique style of dance involving specific and rapid footwork. Exercises learned in Tap Class focus on building flexibility of the knees and ankles, coordination and speed of movement.


Movement. Fluidity. Passion. Storytelling.

Lyrical is an extension of Ballet an Jazz. This class teaches dancers to channel emotion and fluidity to tell a story through the lyrics of a song. We combine Lyrical and Contemporary to form a connection between our dancers and the stories they're telling.

Adult Classes

Ignite Your Passion For Dance

Our Adult classes will cover all of the offered genres of dance, as well as Barre and Pilates style dance instruction. These class are intended for exercise and to foster a passion for dance. All skill levels are welcome and will be catered to accordingly.

Encore Company

Compete. Perform. Perfect.

Encore Company will be available for dancers who are fully dedicated to their craft. This will be an opportunity for dancers to compete in local competitions, gain extra performance opportunities and learn about the dance industry as a whole.

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