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Student Placement

If you are unclear about your students placement, please contact the studio to get confirmation before registering

Tots: Ages 18 months-2.5/3 years

(This is a parent participation class)

This is a place for children to learn rhythm and movement. They will learn basic tumbling, ballet and movement to begin their knowledge of dance.

Tiny Dancers: Ages 2-3

(For students who are ready to be in a class without their parents)

Tiny Dancers is for the littles who are ready to learn basic ballet and movement skills. They will learn how to follow along with their teacher while using props and learning how to move their bodies in a structured and fun environment.

Please note that at least one Ballet class is required as a core class to take any other dance classes. We believe that Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Students progress more evenly throughout all classes with a strong technical background of Ballet.


Pre-Ballet: Age 3.5/4

Dancers in Pre-Ballet will learn the foundations of Ballet technique. This is the start of their core training, taught in a fun and disciplined environment.

Pre-Combo: Age 3.5/4

This combo class includes Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop. Dancers will begin to learn basic steps for each of these genres of dance through warm ups, progressions and choreography.

Intro-Ballet: Ages 5-6

This is a progressive level extending from Pre-Ballet to help dancers solidify their foundation in Ballet, while preparing them for upper division dance classes.

Intro-Combo: Ages 5-6

This combo class dives further into the fun and upbeat styles of Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop. This gives dancers a great foundation of what's to come in their upper division classes.

Upper Division Classes (Level 1-6): These classes are progressive levels for dancers to further their training as well as their performance opportunities. We offer Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Musical Theatre. As our dancers grow and learn we offer opportunities for them to take extra classes and earn their pointe shoes. At least one Ballet class is required to take all other genres of dance offered. These classes are available to dancers by staff placement, as we want our dancers to progress in a safe and well learned technical environment.

Pre Pointe: Pre-Pointe is available for level 3 dancers in addition to their core Ballet class. This class is designed to help students build their strength and improve their technique so they can work toward their pointe shoes.

Pointe Prep: Pointe Prep is the succession of Pre-Pointe in level 4, where students will prepare to take their pointe exam, as well as learn to break in their new pointe shoes once they're earned. This class requires 3 ballet classes per week to ensure proper technique and training.

Pointe Class: This class is designed for Level 5 (Advanced Placement) students. This is for experienced ballet dancers who are ready to take a full class en pointe. This class requires 3 ballet classes per week to ensure proper technique and training.

Level 5 (Advanced Placement): This level is intended for our most advanced dancers. The only succession into this class is by teacher recommendation or placement. Level 5 students take all of their recommended classes. Once placed in this level, dancers have the opportunity to apply for the student teaching program, where they can be mentored by the studios director and staff to hopefully become professional, paid teachers in the future.

Adult Classes: We will offer weekly adult classes varying in different dance styles. These classes will have both a technical and exercise foundation and will be available for adult dancers at ANY level. These classes will be fun, lighthearted and inspiring.

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