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Student Dress Code

Each class has a required dress code to ensure comfort, safety and discipline. Proper dress for dance students creates a respect for the discipline in which they are studying. Encore Dance Theatre requires each student to follow these guidelines. Should this be a problem, please speak to a staff member so we can ensure each student has what they need to be successful in class. Encore Dance Theatre is respectful of ALL gender preferences and will work with you to help find them best option for all!

Encore Dance Theatre: Required Dress Code

Tots & Tiny Dancers


Pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, pink ballet skirt (optional), hair in a bun or neatly out of the students face.

*Please note that tutus are not permitted as the propose a distraction to the dancers*


White t-shirt (tucked in), black sweat pants or athletic shorts, white socks & black ballet shoes.


Dress code is to the parents discretion. Street shoes are not permitted on the dance floor. Socks or bare feet are acceptable.

Pre & Intro Classes


Girls: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a clean bun.

Boys: white t-shirt, black sweats or athletic shorts, white socks, black ballet shoes.


Girls: black leotard, black jazz pants or leggings, hair up. 

Boys: same as ballet attire. 

Shoes: black jazz shoes, black tap shoes, black high top sneakers (not to be used outside).

Levels 1-5


Girls: black leotard, pink tights, pink split sole ballet shoes, hair in a CLEAN bun.

*Please note that skirts are not permitted for upper division ballet classes*

Boys: white t-shirt, black fitted sweat pants or athletic shorts, black socks, black split sole ballet shoes, clean hair.

Jazz & Musical Theatre-

Girls: black leotard, suntan tights, black jazz pants, tight shorts or leggings, black split sole jazz shoes, hair up.

Boys: same as ballet attire with black split sole jazz shoes.

Hip Hop-

Girls & Boys: athletic wear is acceptable for this class. Students should have black high top sneakers that they only use on the dance floor. Hair up and neat.


Girls & Boys: Tap attire is the same as Jazz attire with black oxford tap shoes.

Adult Classes

Athletic wear is appropriate for all adult classes. Appropriate shoes per class genre are recommended by not required for admittance. Please note that street shoes are not allowed on the dance floor.




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