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Questions and Answers

When will classes begin?

Classes begin September 6th, 2022 at our NEW facility on Cloverdale Blvd. This studio will feature TWO working dance rooms and a larger staff to accomodate it!

Will there be a recital in June?

Not only will we have a recital in June, but we will have a Winter Showcase in December! We are so excited to bring performing arts back with a BANG!

How Can We Support?

Currently Encore Dance Company is seeking donations to attend regional competitions this winter and spring! We hope to raise enough funds so no deserving dancer has to stay behind. You can donate directly to the studio or venmo us: @encoredancecloverdale

Thank you for the support!

How is EDT managing COVID-19 Regulations?

We follow the CDC Guidelines. We still have hand sanitizer available as well as clean the studio frequently. Please stay home of your child is sick. We hope to have a successful "shut down free" year of dance!

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